and in all honesty, you probably should too!

There was a time where hair was a major part of my identity. I’d cut my hair short, dye it, braid it or whatever else I felt like. Then I discovered the beauty of wigs and lived for it.

Shortly after I found my love for wigs, the colour bug bit me & I had to have my hair in every colour.

I’ve been everything under the rainbow – red, blue, pink, green, purple. You name it, I’ve done it but what it meant was spending tons of money and time on human hair weaves & wigs, bleach dye, styling tools. The full works

Since moving to Abuja,Nigeria , this part of me has kind of been put on a back burner. I’m now black hair, ponytails and braids from Ada (which are amazing btw) and I miss just being whatever odd coloured sunflower I could imagine.

So here are my reasons for switching back to synthetic wigs and why I think you should too:

– I’m a cheapskate! If there’s anything to know about me, it’s that I enjoy a good bargain. As much as I don’t mind spending a little extra coin on a daily basis, I also want the most value for little money I can find. From NGN 300 ($0.77) thrifted dresses to NGN 2,500 ($6.41) wigs from AliExpress, I am the self proclaimed Queen of the bargain hunt & I think it’s time to sit on that throne again!

– I need more! More looks, more colour, more style, 7 different afros. Whatevers out there I want more & the best way to get more is to go synthetic. I can be 3 different women for the price of one good human hair wig 😂 and why not?

– I’m lazy! The synthetic game has changed. These wigs are now coming pre-plucked, pre-styled with almost perfect knots and when I think of all the work that goes into laying your human hair and maintaining that style,. I get a headache so I choose minimal work, maximum output because “favour over labour” 🙏🏾 & you should too!

I could go on and on about why synthetic wigs are the best but you’re just going to get bored!

I’m currently waiting on my new synthetic unit to arrive, taking my collection number up to TWO and in the coming months I’ll be building that number up by only God knows.

Anyways, with these few points, I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that synthetic wigs are the bomb and you should join me on this journey too 🤓.

Until our next read, stay safe & stay jiggy 😎!

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