Hi my loves!

Its sunday & mother’s day! Its also the day i moved my furniture around because i just needed a new perspective!

I’m in this space where i am craving a lot of simplicity and minimalism in my life and that is definitely going to translate in my fashion choices going forward.

I’ve had a feeling this was coming but its different actually living in that space vs thinking about it!

Today, i want to share with you some of my tips for building a functional jewelry (& sunglasses) collection. I am planning to overhaul my entire closet soon and the tips I’m sharing are the guidelines i will be following throughout the process

  1. Hoop It Out: If you don’t know where to start with earrings, buy hoops! They come in so many shapes, sizes and textures. They are classic, chic and many styles are absolutely versatile. You can find hoop earrings for absolutely any occasion!
  2. Stay Stacked Up: When purchasing necklaces rings and bracelets, always buy pieces you can stack! Stacking is basically the layering of jewelry. By having pieces in this category, you can consistently create multiple looks with your accessories without thinking of buying more pieces everytime you need to go out.
  3. Match Your Tone: Functionality is not complete if you don’t match your undertone properly. I know this isn’t a general thought when purchasing jewelry but it should be. So once you figure out your undertone, here is what you do “Cool tones shop light (white gold, platinum, silver etc), Warm tones shop dark (yellow gold, rose gold, brass & copper), neutrals shop both”.
  4. The Big Three: There are so many styles of sunglasses out there but you start building a collection, start with the staples or as i like to call them “the big three”. These are the three most versatile styles for almost any face shape, outfit or aesthetic out there. They are: Aviators, Oversized and Cateye. They are a great place to start and will work for a great variety of looks

There you have it! Four tips to make fashion a lot easier and more functional for you without compromising how stylish you can be!

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