Long time no post!

Honestly, there is no real excuse so i won’t bother with the fake one i have. LOL.

I was inspired by one of my faves Ifeoma of siainstyle to start a microblogging challenge. So i figured why not just make it a regular blogging challenge to create as much as i can in these quarantine times.

Today, im going to be sharing with you my TOP 10 items for building a functional wardrobe a.k.a a capsule wardrobe

I created a capsule wardrobe formula. I got this idea from “pinch of yum” and i thought it was amazing. My formula was created with general wardrobe basics and my personal style in mind. You can always switch out items for what’s more important to you.

As you can see it is pretty straight forward. I’ve broken down the base formula to specific pieces you should be purchasing to make this easier. Here’s my recommend list:


  • basic tee
  • ‎crisp white button down
  • ‎camisole / tank
  • ‎blazer
  • ‎black shirt
  • ‎dressy blouse / top


  • Little black Dress
  • ‎wrap dress
  • ‎slip dress
  • ‎Red dress
  • ‎party dress

BOTTOMS (Skirt & Trousers)

  • Knee length skirt
  • ‎mini skirt
  • ‎midi skirt
  • ‎Jeans (1 black, 1 blue dark wash *recommended)
  • ‎Black sacks


  • Ballerina flats
  • ‎black/nude pumps
  • ‎white sneakers
  • ‎statement/sexy shoes *Mules or lace up heels recommended
  • ‎sandals
  • ‎slip on/slippers

A lot of the recommended items can be styled multiple ways to create stylish looks while giving you a very functional zero waste wardrobe.

Now that we’ve got the basics, we will be needed the right accessories!

What are your must haves? Let me know!

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