This weather sucks! I am never looking forward to the cold because it’s terrible for my skin. I have really dry skin so once harmattan comes around, my skin (especially my hands and feet) start peeling unnecessarily.

In December, I purchased a bunch of new stuff to try out, because why not? On my list was the Arami Essentials miracle set.

Arami Essentials Miracle Set

I got one of the gift boxes. I wanted them in smaller sizes, to be on the safe side (as I was just testing) and I really wanted those cute little boxes….lol!

Arami Essentials gift box

The full size (250ML) Miracle set costs ₦9,000 while the gift box (100ML) costs ₦7,500. Delivery to Abuja cost ₦2,000 bringing my total up to ₦9,500.

I tried to purchase in Abuja but none of the stockists had the complete set (not good). Shipping did happen pretty quickly! I got my order in about 72hours! They were rounding up for the year so it was definitely peak period and they impressed me! Now to why we’re here – the review

Arami essentials glow oil

Onyx Body Polish – This is the Arami black soap blend. I’m a big black soap fan! I swear by it and would always recommend switching to black soap if you’re not sensitive to it! I loved using this. It’s really gentle on the skin (I think it’s because of the rose water). It does a good job of exfoliating and brightening your skin. Results for me were almost immediate!

Glow Scrub – The glow scrub was an instant favorite for me! I know I talk about how I’m going to leave manual exfoliation behind but until then, I’m here for this glow scrub! Smalls amazing and my skin feels soft and silky Everytime I use it!

Glow Oil – I purchased the sweet oud glow oil and the first thing you notice is how good it smells! I couldn’t use this on my skin (directly) consistently because my skin was not having it but I would mix it in my lotion and that worked better for me. On its own, I just wasn’t enjoying the experience. I think my skin just has a thing against Shea oil. You need to know what works for you!

Overall, I love what the miracle set has done for my skin. I would definitely recommend looking into Arami for your skin food. I do have to mention that they have this “Zen/Be one with yourself/Align your chakras” vibe going on and I love it!

In summary, Great service, Great products. I would score them a 3.9/5. Not because of how to product works but I think for a ₦1,500 naira difference, there should be a little more product in there! It is definitely Indiana Approved! I definitely hope to try out more products in the future and as always, I’ll share with you guys!

If you have an Arami experience, let me know about it!

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