Hi my loves!

It’s been a little while since we did this and as usual, a lot has happened! A few months ago, I started my new job at Play Network Africa and I recently got back from my first work trip and had to share with you!

We visited Capetown, South Africa for four nights and it was the best time! This was my first time visiting any African country and it’s made me want to do that more often!


We stayed at a villa in Camps Bay. It had the most amazing ocean view. The landscape is pretty amazing. You could see the mountains from the other side of the villa!

On our first day in Capetown, we went wine tasting at Constatina Glen wine estate! We tasted four wines; one of which was recently voted the best red wine blend in the world – the Constatina Glen FIVE! We also had some food. I had the Flammekuechen which is basically German Pizza! It was lit! This is definitely something you should do if you’re ever in the area


We did make a stop at the beach eventhough it was a bit chilly on the day.

Pro tip: Check the weather before your trip and pack appropriately


Day two and three were basically work days. We went to Coco Bar then a yatch party the next day.

On day four we all took a personal day that ended with a midnight barbeque and a game of hide and seek…lol. The candid in the last slide was taken by an older gentleman who was kind enough to share it with us!

I know this is a rather short post (and its late) but I KNOW i had to share! I will be updating this post sometime in the future with a link to Aku’s vlog so you get a better feel of what the trip was like and what we got up to.

Overall, Capetown was amazing! I had my worries and reservations about visiting but the locals were so lovely and extremely charming and i look forward to visiting again soon.

See you in the next read and Merry Christmas xx

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