Long time no post!

A lot has happened since then but today, let’s talk about thrifting.

If you’ve been around since the “solditforstyle” days you’ll know how much I live for a good bargain.

Visiting thrift shops was definitely one of my favorite things to do before I left the abroad for good but I never really went thrifting since I got back….until Vanessa.

Vanessa is a fashion and lifestyle content creator and thrift god based in Abuja, Nigeria.

She recently, launched her “thrifting with ohaha” service so I had to book a trip!

Trips are 1,500 per hour and last 3 hours. I didn’t need that much time because I now work a full time job (life update soon?) so I had a lite version of the experience which lasted an hour.

I let her know I was looking to purchase dresses so my trip was tailored for just that.

Booking is pretty easy, you fill out an online form with all the necessary details and she takes it up from there.

Step one: open link

Step two: select thrift day

Step three: select time

Step four: fill form

Its a pretty straightforward process.

On the day, I met up with Vanessa at our chosen meeting point and we headed to the market. My shopping budget was N3,000 but I spent N2,400 on eight dresses!

She led me through the market to a particular vendor who had exactly what I had explained to her that I was looking for.

In about an hour, I was done and off to start my regular work day.

This is a dress from one of my thrift trips with Vanessa. Its one of the best items in my closet and cost just N220 naira!

Overall, I think her thrift trips are amazing and worth every Kobo. If you’re on a budget or just looking to give thrifting a try, I’d definitely recommend this service and Vanessa. Thank me later.

All her links are in the blog post. Don’t forget to keep up with me on all social media @lafemmeindiana!

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