Greetings Earthlings!

It’s been a while since I wrote about my skin and all the wonderful things that are helping me, help you be flawless.

Today’s post is a little different than our previous posts and I’ll tell you why; I goofed! Yes!! I, the “I’m going to have perfect, beautiful, glowing, even,glass skin” princess messed up and my face is paying for it so you don’t have to. Not to worry, I have only burned my skin a tiny little bit. You can’t even see it, which is the main reason I’m not putting any pictures up in this post… they’re useless

So, I have acid burns. It’s been a sucky couple of days and my skincare routine officially hurts so I want to share some rules with you if you are considering adding an acid or two to your skincare routine.

  1. Always Patch Test: I know we hear this about every product but you need to trust me when I say, this is necessary. You don’t want to be the idiot (*coughs* me *coughs*) that burns her face because she’s too lazy or impatient to wait 24 hours to see the results of a patch test. Not fun
  2. Use at night only: Acids are harsh, but you know what’s harsher? Nigerian sun and global warming. So if you want to keep saying “not today” to Satan and the god of skin cancer, use acids at night ONLY
  3. Do not mix or layer: You know what doesn’t go well with an acid in your routine? Another Acid. This was how I burned my face loool. My toner contains glycolic acid and I followed it up with a lactic acid serum lmao…so…yeah… burnt… like toast. You can alternate your acids on different nights but don’t ever use more than one at a time and don’t use them everyday please
  4. Dilute First, Concentrate later: Doing a patch test doesn’t guarantee your skin won’t hate a full face of an acid skincare product so dilute when you first introduce the product to your skin. For example, mix your glycolic acid toner with a rose water toner for the first few weeks. Using a lactic acid peel or any other peeling serums? mix them with any non-acid creams and serums to cut the concentration in half! Easy!! We won’t be talking about using distilled water to dilute your acid because it’s basically maths and I suck at it!
  5. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN: Can’t skip this once, not even if you are tired! Anything short is an act of terrorism and we don’t negotiate with terrorists!!

Bonus tips: Always stay moisturized! The acids don’t just take off the bad stuff. If you’re an idiot like me and you’ve already burned yourself, fear not. Pause your routine and let your skin heal! You can support the healing process with rose water, aloe vera and honey. All my skincare products are currently from revolution skincare as previously stated! You can read about it in my previous post!

I hope this is helpful to everyone that’s just starting out and looking for some direction!

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