I know what you’re thinking, we’re finally talking about fashion! Yes!! Well, sorta.

Today was meant to be a fashion day out. I planned to attend the Lagos Fashion week ‘fashion focus’ talk here in Abuja but quickly changed my mind when I couldn’t find a safe place to park my car. I was hoping to share this outfit with my experience of the event but I somehow ended up at brunch when I was trying to shoot.

Before we talk about brunch, can we talk about my new set. I get my nails done by Shola and the boys. This particular set was done by Emma. They are my absolute favorites and if you’re ever in Abuja, they will get you right

Now, about the brunch. We went to waffle stop and had chicken and waffles. The chicken is probably my favorite in the city

I really liked my outfit today. I’m in the process of changing my wardrobe as my personal style has changed quite a bit. Best part of this outfit is how affordable. The top and skirt cost under NGN7,250/ $20

Top & Skirt – Mr Price

Bag – Miniso

Shoes – Boohoo

Sunglasses – Indiana

If you’re purchasing this outfit, make sure you go a size down in the skirt so it snatches all of your waist. Thank me later x


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