Hi, my name is Indiana and I’m a part of the revolution!

So, I’ve been on my skin a lot. My previous post covers a background of my skin, all our concerns, how I’m treating it and a new brand that I have absolutely fallen in love with and recommend

I was looking into purcashing and curating my own face regimen when I woke to a DM from Makeup Revolution letting me know I was being gifted their entire skincare range! I was floored!! I had entered a giveaway in passing but didn’t really think I’d win so I was building my basket regardless

Yeah, crazy stuff! So it takes about 2ish weeks and I get a call to pick up my package. I had a fraudulent experience with EMS/Nigerian customs but we won’t be talking about that. Lol

In my package I received: 15 serums/oils, 10 masks, 1 applicator brush, 6 essence sprays, 2 toners, 2 mini serum sets and 1 moisturiser. I have tried a few items out and would be talking about them in detail in a few more posts so we can really get into what they do and how they’re working for me and if it’s worth your coinsssss.

So far, I’m most excited to try the lactic acid and AHA+BHA peels. I’m also really excited to see what results I get from the collagen serum and share it with you guys!

If you have used any of their skin products, tell me about your experience and your favorites! If yoy haven’t, let e know what products you’d love to try! Let’s talk.

For more of me and all the stuff that doesn’t make it here, follow me on Instagram @lafemmeindiana! See you soon

– xo


  1. Hi,Indiana. I’ve never tried any of the Revolution products but I would really like to try the Dark spot corrector just because of my acne which keeps on leaving dark spots which I have in my face and neck.


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