Skincare product review ghunu effect


Can we get into how amazing my skin has been looking these days?

Disclaimer: this might be quite a read so please stay with me.

By most standards, I have what would be described as “good skin”. I’m not acne prone (never had breakouts in my life), no funny textures, large pores, black heads etc.

I survive on hitting the genetic lottery, mostly. On my problematic scale sits: dryness, white spots and an unmatched talent for burning/redness! In recent times, my face is more on the combination side of things but the rest of us is dryer than the sahara!

Skincare product review ghunu effect

Now, let’s talk GHUNU!

I found them through an Instagram ad sometime in 2018 and spent most of my time lurking on their page, reading customer reviews and scouring the internet for anything I can find.

At the time, I was just starting to notice how much my skin had changed since moving back to Nigeria and not adjusting my skin/body care regimen for the climate. I was dry before but, patchy and scaling were not a part of the deal!

After almost a year, I decided to purchase a few products and see how it goes.

Apart from individual products, they do have curated sets that deal with specific skin concerns but I decided to go with curating my own set.

My purchase included:

Black Soap

Body scrub

Rose water

Glutathione Serum

Of all my purchases, I was most skeptical about the serum because we all hear that glutathione is a bleaching agent and I’m afraid of skin bleaching.

From my research, it is an antioxidant that’s naturally occurring in the body and helps to even out skin tone but I’m 100% positive prolonged use would lighten your skin by a few shades.

So here’s a break down of how I use the products:

– Soap (contains lactic acid): Daily for face and body

– Scrub: 2 – 3 times a week for face and body

– Rose water(helps with redness): As needed for face and body

– Serum: 4 – 5 times a week for face, neck and décolletage


The first time I used the bath products, I literally could see so much dead skin just coming off my body in the shower. I love the black soap, feels great, smells great and is not as drying as the soap I was using previously (dudu osun). If you’re not a fan of fragranced products, you may not enjoy this as much I did.

The scrub was equally just as good. I’m not a big fan of the scent and texture. It’s relatively runny so it wouldn’t last as long as your regular body scrubs would but it does it’s work. It doesn’t smell bad, I just would prefer if it smelled like the soap. I also didn’t like that they don’t have any of the ingredients listed on the website but it’s on the packaging.

The rose water I enjoy because it doesn’t contain alcohol or at least noticable quantities. I really don’t like beauty products that preserve with noticeable levels of alcohol(i.e boots rosewater with glycerin). It’s really drying and doesn’t help my skin. This always feels so soothing when I use it.

For the serum, I think it’s doing a great job of clearing up the patchiness/unevenness I was experiencing. I don’t like the smell of this but you get used to it after a while. In the first week, I probably only used this twice because fear but, over time I started being more consistent with it and I’m liking my results.

Sunscreen beauty influencer portrait


I do have to add that I am a lot more consistent with my sunscreen and I swear by my body lotion.  If you have dry skin I’d highly recommend the Nivea Nourishing body milk (contains almond oil)! I’ve been using this for almost a year now and I think it’s been doing a great job.


All the products mentioned are products I would definitely use again and recommend. I most likely wouldn’t reuse the serum because I’m not trying to be lighter than I actually am. Once I reach my goal of eventone skin, I no longer see a need for it (which may or may not be worth one more purchase).

The customer service was great, delivery took about two days from when I paid (from Lagos to Abuja, paid 2k for park pick-up) and they kept me updated the entire time. I do have to mention I have noticed 3 – 5 breakout-like bumps in this past month but im not sure if it’s the ghunu products or the new sunscreen but they don’t bother me because they never last over 72 hours.

I would score this brand a 4/5 for my overall experience. It is officially Indiana Approved! Have you tried this brand before? Would you try it? What are your major skin concerns and how are you dealing with them? Let’s talk!

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  1. Wish I was blessed with good skin. You’re so lucky, I want😭 and I used Nivea body lotion for a while but stopped because my skin was still dry. Appaz.. it was my bathing soap. Going back to my first love

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