So the first half of 2019 was the worst year of my life all over again. 2018 was great, right until the end where everything went BOOM! Me being myself, I avoided my new reality like a plague. I thought if I ignored it long enough, it will go away


Once I decided to face this rather harsh truth, it was time to get to work. Before we get into this work, let’s talk about the slump; what is it?



– lean or fall heavily and limply
-a sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something.
The slump, as I like to call it, is the warm up to full blown depression.
This is the time where you are starting to experience the signs of a depression or prolonged drastic changes that affect not just your mood but lifestyle and health. Some signs include:
– Sleep changes
– Appetite or weight changes
– Loss of interest in daily activity
– Loss of energy
– Anger/irritability
– prolonged feelings of hopelessness etc.
So, I was in the slump, you may have been there too. Maybe you’re there now and you know it, or you don’t. But here’s now you survive it!
– Acknowledge it. You can’t conquer what you can’t see. I had no choice but to acknowledge my slump after I didn’t shower for three days. Yes, I laid in best for almost 72 hours thinking about my life and feeling sorry for myself.
0/1000 would not recommend
– Purge yourself. Remove everything and everyone that will keep you in this space longer. This kind of happened naturally for the most part but I made sure to leave every situation that drained me
– Surround yourself with love. Sometimes, the love you surround yourself with is the difference it takes
– Create a routine. My routine is sometimes a struggle because we still don’t sleep right but it’s important to give yourself structure
– Exercise. Endorphins are the best thing ever. Still don’t enjoy it but I feel great after
– Find a creative outlet. Art has great physical, mental and emotional benefits.
– Pray, talk to the universe, whatever it is. Speak positives into your life.
– Don’t give up. Some days are easy, others are not. You have to know this and take it easy on yourself
If all else fails, get professional help!! The slump sucks and it’s a difficult space to be in. But if you catch yourself, then you have a shot and you should hold on to that with everything in you.
Have you been in the slump before? How did you survive it?

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