So, where do I start from?

I know everyone is tired of me already lol. But let’s go back to the beginning for the sake of our newbies!!

I started blogging around when Tumblr was still awesome and writing on the internet was an escape.

Frankly, I never thought to make it a thing; that happened all on it’s own. I’ve blogged on and off for about 5ish years and I’ve taken loads of breaks because I NEVER meant for it to be more than a fun hobby.

In 2017, I announced my exit! I was done for good. Blogging just wasn’t fun anymore…my life was doing so much and I needed everything to stop.

Naturally, I started to miss it! This thing had become such a part of me that I felt like I said goodbye to a part of myself. 

Since then, a lot has changed in the world of influencing and in my personal life.  I have tried different forms of creative expression but absolutely nothing beats this for me.

Long story short, I’m back! I’m not exactly sure where I’d fit in these days but I just want my own slice of the internet where we kick it!

I just want to share what I love and look back at it. Maybe, someone will love it to.

Hopefully, I don’t run again! Hi old friend, I have missed you!!

xo РIndiana 


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